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Welcome to the Smart Home and Life (SHAL) website.  Hello, I’m Lee Hayden, the author of the “Living Life More Abundantly ” collection of brief courses, short courses, and essays on this website.

You may be asking, “Who are those handsome fellows in the picture?” Good question!   I have the same question.  . . . . . Actually, I’m being facetious.  They are both of  me, Lee Hayden. Hopefully, they  will provide an  additional sense of  reality as I discuss  the ideas presented on this website.

A large number of  authors, with many different professional persuasions,  have already  written excellent books which illuminate   unique guiding  principles or perspectives intended to  enrich major aspects of each individual’s  life. This mixture of authors representing such diversity of  professional perspectives has served us well.  Having a body of knowledge developed by psychologists, psychiatrists, various mental health experts, ministers, priests,  other professionals, and non-professional in some cases, has established a broad range of focus and great trust in that focus. Scientists are under-represented in the mix of professionals and that deficiency needs to be diminished.. As a physicist, I expect this SHAL website will also  contribute great value to your life and expand the range of focus so that we can all  live our lives more abundantly.

Who am I?. What do I believe?  I believe strongly  in the conceptual strategy of living life abundantly.  The basic concept of living life abundantly, both materially and spiritualy,  is founded on several key decisions a person makes.



Many Americans fear that:

And, that a malaise of undetermined length may be upon us.

A malthusian  monster seams to have raised its head out of the murk, looked far and wide across the land,  and was pleased with it’s observations.   The usual suspects were prevalent: 1) rapid technological change and society’s reluctance or inability to adapt to a new environment, 2) the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, 3) educational systems unable to satisfy employer needs and societal needs.

Fortunately, not everyone living in the year 2016 is infected with gloom creep. ,  While 1) observing world, national, and local  events through their favorite  news media  lens,2)   having  good jobs, big screem TV’s, beautiful homes, 3) and living the American dream,  people experience a full spectrum  of feelings and attitudes regarding events in American and the world.  People packing sports stadiums  still come to full  attention when hearing  the first few bars of the national anthem.  Most people respect law enforcement personnel and have educated themselves to know that  all body  motion must cease when stopped by a low enforecement official.  Most people understand the psycological process in which envy becomes jealousy, jealousy becomes resentment,  resentment becomes anger, and anger becomes violence.  Most people honor themselves by  practicing respect for all other

The U.S.  political compaign during the year 2016  confirmed a deep distrust and  sense of betrayal by our government. Instead of intellectual discourse,  political debates  degenerated into a series of character assassinations   and even eruptions of anger.

Many U.S.citizens  are disgusted with elected politician’s failure to agree on a compromised plan for   reduction gun violence in this country.

According to numerous public opinion polls, Americans believe that 1) our country is  in a state of moral decline, 2) racial bigotry continues to thrive, 3)  the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer because of selfish politicians and ineffective govenmental policies, and 4) the country is drifting to socialism. Many people have these specific pessimistic beliefs plus many other beliefs leading to various forms of  human misery and suffering.

The idea of a Populist  Party comback  has been bandied about.  Originally,  members of the Populist Party were people  of the working poor and farmers  who wanted economic justice.  Historians now view these people, who were indeed hurting economically, as people who could not adapt to a rapidly changing world.

What do I believe?  I believe  solving complex  problems associated with people of great political diversity borders on being an impossible task.  Nevertheless, because human misery and suffering are involved, we must strive for a workable solution based on universal truths.  We must state our assumptions explicitly.  A workable solution, thought not perfect, must be such that all people are in a higher state of being than previously.  Despite the multitude of risks associated with resolving so-called  implossible tasks the risks must be taken  because 1) impossible task, after well into them,  are frequently not as risky as orginingally anticipated, 2) not undertaking them is an easy way of avoidance  of painful discussion, 3)  making mistakes  plays a significant role in discovering truth, 4) complex problems may worsen as we stand still,

Obviously, a semingly complex task can be made more tractable  by reducting the political diversity of the participants.  Higher education levels of   all participants will probably reduce diversity and, consequently, higher education  is a key factor on the critical path leading to a solution. Other factors, such as an economy that provides employment opportunities  for an educated public, must also be on the critical path.  In a democracy, all participants means all people.  

Man represents the most known complex organization of matter produced by the universe to date.  Many objects now existing in the universe, such as cell phones, computers, and the internet

Although originally associated only with the physics discipline, the modern theory of a self-organizing universe incorporateds aspects of the disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, and sociology.  Aspects of each discipline contribute to our understanding of emergent reality. (In biology, self-organizing theory is more popularly known as the theory of evolution.)

 The purpose of the universe seems to be the production of increasing complex organization of quarks.  Thus, our brain, skin, heart, all body organs are complex organizations of quarks.

Reality changes as the universe produces increasingly complex organizations of  matter.  Actuality is what we phsyically see and touch with our various senses. Actuality changes  as reality changes.

The modern world is changing at an unprecidented rate.  Many jobs will disappear just as horse and buggy jobs disappeared at the beginning of the 20th century.  American leadership must  anticipate that many highly technical  new jobs will emerge and many older jobs will rapidly disappear. Thus, the U.S. educational system must anticipate categories of new  job opportunities and prepare students with the necessary skills.

Generalizing at a very high level, the essays promote multiple  ideas on how to become your true-self. Sometimes the true-self is termed the free mind.  Experiencing life directed from the true-self means that the level of consciousness has been raised and the individual has discovered purpose, meaning, and joy in their life. Also, for  many individuals, a deep sense of spirituality emerges. These ideas derive from the theory of a self-organizing universe and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy.


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Although I am providing initial ideas via these courses and essays, my hope is that this will eventually be a joint learning process among you, others,  and myself.  I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

The author of the "Abundant Living" collection of essays

The universe was born in a big bang and has been organizing matter into increasing complex organizations with Man being the most complex organization of matter produced by the universe so far. With help from the Higgs boson, quantum fields produced quarks as the first chunks of matters. After a short time, quarks self-organized to produce a new configuration of  quarks called neutrons and protons. Still later, the quarks in the configuration of  neutrons and protons,   self-organized into a new configuration known as atoms, The universe has continued this process called self-organization all the way to the production of Man.

Gloom creep gaining across the land! Reality is changing at an accelerated rate!