Smart Home And Life

Tutoring Assistance Program

The Tutoring Assistance Program is established to provide financial support of students using the Hayden Tutoring Service and to encourage increased Smart Home And Life (SHAL) website  tracffic.

Any person may establish a designated student’s account by email to  This person becomes the registrant.  Only the registrant or designee may view the account balance.

Tutoring cost  for a designated  student can be offset  when benefactors (parents, guardians, family members, or friends) make purchases using the (SHAL) website’s virtual mall.  The virtual mall is a portal to various well-known online businesses such as Amazon, WalMart, and Best Buy. In addition to making purchases, the benefactor must notify SHAL by email or text providing name of benefactor, online store, and amount of purchase. After SHAL verification, an amount acknowledgement corresponding to  SHAL’s  profit shall be added to the designated student’s account.

After completion of a designated student’s tutoring session:

The designated student’s account balance is set to $0.00  if there is no account activity for three months.

SHAL possesses all account ownership rights at all times. SHAL reserves the right to  terminate the Tutoring Discount Program at SHAL’s descretion by email notification of the account registrant.

Tutoring Assistance