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“True success in life depends on a wide range of talents, aptitudes and intellectual abilities: working cooperatively, managing frustration, grasping context, processing observations in compelling ways.  One individual may be a whiz in math or language, another in art.  The secret to success is discovering our best talents and intelligences and nurturing them through life to express our most creative selves.”

 The above quote  from: “The Science of SMART, Unlocking the Mysteries of the mind” is generally true.  Unfortunately, the discovery process is usually quite difficult for most people and should not lead to conclusive decisions too soon in life.  For example, to be

successful in the modern world, a talent must be useful in a variety of environments including educational requirements and career opportunities.  A person may be a talented guitar player but this talent may not support his family’s needs. Personal guidance by a tutor or mentor is highly recommended.


These above references are highly recommended reading.  More information about these references are given in the reference section. References

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