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Smart Home is a Home Automation Superstore.  It can also be called a Home Improvement Supercenter.  Whatever it is called, it is the world's largest retailer of home automation and home improvement products.

Products include:  Cable & structured wiring, Cameras & surveilliance, Dimmers & lighting appliances control, Door locks & access control, Intercoms & phones, Various home systems, Pet care & pet control, Remotes & IR repeaters,  Security, Sensors, Solar & energy systems, Speakers, A/V & home theater, Timers & automation, Home entertainment, much more!

You will also find X10 and Insteon products here.

Smart Life Vocabulary Builder

You too can have a great vocabulary!

Grandiloquent using big and facy words when speaking for the purpose of impressing others

Loquacious very talkative; liking to talk; garrulous

Prattle to speak on and on in a senseless and silly manner; to talk foolishly

Rant to talk very loudly, even wildly

Rhetorical relating to speech that is used to persuade or have some effect; insincere in expression

Verbose using too many words; wordy; long-winded

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