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Learning Philosophy

This guitar course provides a lot of information to absorb while learning to play the guitar and a considerable amount of time is required to assimilate it all.  Familiarity with the concepts presented in this course  comes with practice and experience.  Keep your ears open and always listen to what you play.  Many times this act alone makes the difference between something musical and something mechanical.

The study of guitar can be a rewarding journey.  Here are some recommendations to make the journey easier.

Tip: First, learn to play all major and minor  chords as both open chords and barred chords. Then, learn to play a given chord at a minimum of four different locations on the fretboard.

  Analyze Song’s Chord Progression:  Analyze the song. First, determine it’s key signature, time signature, and tempo.  Then, look for repetitive chord progressions.  Typically, the verses use the same progression and the chorus used a different progression.  Playing and memorizing this song will be much easier if the progressions are in your reference list of standard  progressions.

Examine the progressions for major sequences within the progression such as a sequence of circle of fifths chords.  Recognition of a major sequence within a progression also helps song memorization and playing.

Learning Philosophy