Smart Home And Life

Verse 1

             C                                                                 Em    

This old |highway seems so |lonesome when your’re |goin’ where your’ve |been,

          F                                                    G7

And a |lonesome song can |make you cry |time and time again,

            C                                               Am

If I had |listened to a |friend of mine ten |years ago today,

                F                                              G7

I’d have a |better job then |what I’ve got to-|day

Verse 2

            C                                                      Em

But the |billboards on the |highways and the |brakelights on the |cars

               F                                                   G7

Make me |jump out on the |highway with my |bag and my gui-|tar,

          C                                              Am

If she |comes or if she |goes it doesn’t |matter any more.

                F              G7                  C

Cause I’m |  ridin my |thumb to Mexi|co


F                G7                  C  E7  Am  C

|  Ridin’ my |thumb to Mexi|co.     |            |

F                    G7                  C

It don’t matter |when or how I |go.  |     |

F                 G7             C    Em    Am

  I’ll ride this |thumb til I |see her a |gain,

C        F              G7                  C

So I’m |  ridin’ my |thumb to Mexi|co.

Verse 3

Well, the reason why she left me is not the reason I’m here

I’m a travlin’ kind of man, just need a change of atmosphere

If there’s any place I haven’t been at all that’s where I’ll go,

So I’m ridin’ my thumb to Mexico.

Ridin’ My Thumb To Mexico

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