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BC - Teaching Our Unconscious Intelligence

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This course is titled, “Teaching the Unconscious Intelligence”. What you will learn from this course is presented in the following table:

According to the presently accepted paradigm, Man is part of the physical reality produced by a self-organizing universe.  Biologically, modern Man is the result millions of years of evolution of pre-Man, i.e., animal evolution as shown in the diagram below.  The evolutionary process started with a simple brain structure and added increasingly complex structures. All of the added structures  corresponded to unconscious intelligence except for the last structure, i.e., the frontal lobe,  which corresponded to a concscious intelligence. Thus, each human being has a conscious intelligence and an unconscious intelligence.


Both our conscious intelligence and
unconscious intelligence are present
simultaneously, including when we are
serving a tennis ball.   Generally,
the professional tennis player is primarily
in the unconscious mode during the
act of serving.

We have both a conscious intelligence
 and an unconscious intelligence.  Are we
metaphorically two separate people inside
 one body?

Our cognitive intelligence is a component of our conscious intelligence.  Expanding our cognitive intelligence is a necessary but not sufficient condition for expanding our conscious intelligence, i.e., raising our level of consciousness or improving our personal belief system.  

Themain component of our unconscious intelligence is our emotional intelligence.

Short Course Cost
Title: Teaching The Unconscious Intelligence

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Basic 1 Hour Session



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Man Pre-Man BC - Teaching Our Unconscious

Short Course Title: Teaching the Unconscious Intelligence
Purpose:  Course Learning Objective Statement


Review of the human brain as a product of a self-organizing universe.


Learn about the functions of both our conscious intelligence and our unconscious intelligence.


Learn how to diminish undesirable thoughts, beliefs, or actions associated with our  unconscious intelligence.


Learn how to train our unconscious intelligence with a new belief or skill.  


Student selects item 3 or 4 for practice.

BC - Teaching Our Unconscious BC - Teaching Our Unconscious