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Hello, I’m Lee Hayden.  Welcome to the Smart Home And Life (SHAL) website’s   Hayden Center For Educational Excellence.  

The Hayden Center  offers  students a  unique  educational opportunity  that complements  public/private  education and  greatly enhances the possibilities for building a more  meaningful, enjoyable, and enriched life.  The Hayden Center recognizes that we human beings all have multiple intelligences. Consequently, each of the  programs, courses, and services  at the Hayden Center builds various aspects of a student’s cognitive, emotional, social, and moral intelligence.  Focus on building all human intelligences instead of mainly our cognitive intelligence as by  public/private education is the primary basis for lifestyle enrichment.  These lifestyle enrichment tools are provided at low cost and short instruction schedules.

The Hayden Center’s vision sees people living enriched lifestyles because of the knowledge and experiences acquired at the Hayden Center.   Any enriched lifestyle is achievable regardless of the student’s educational starting point or academic status.

At the Hayden Center, the student is encouraged to select a personal lifestyle enrichment program from the following:  self-actualization, personal true-self, or community true-self. Each of these programs is implemented as a set of paired courses designed to achieve the selected program goal.  Each pairing  consists of a free brief course and associated fee-based short course.   Alternatively, instead of selecting a program,  the student may select any individual course if the prerequisite for that course has been satisfied.   The Hayden Center provides the educational environment that supports the student’s attainment of the selected lifestyle enrichment program or coursework.

Brief courses introduce and   summarize the key ideas  contained in the associated fee based short course.  Reviewing free brief courses is recommended before selection of a fee-based short course or program.  However, your startup methodology is your choice.

Short courses are uniquely beneficial because they are conducted in a  face-to-face in person or on-line learning environment which assures the studied material becomes working knowledge.  As brief/short course author ,  I sincerely strive to produce courses whose content meets or exceeds common standards of excellence, objectivity, reliability, and life enrichment.  To enroll in the short course, phone Lee at 702-945-1294.

The Hayden Center is a learning environment which places high value on the studied material becoming working knowledge.  As brief/short course author ,  I sincerely strive to produce courses whose content meets or exceeds common standards of excellence, objectivity, reliability, and life enrichment.  To enroll in the short course, phone Lee at 702-945-1294.

About Programs And  Courses

The curiosity or awareness that an enriched lifestyle is within the realm of possibility  is a major step forward.

A few typical problem situations and suggested solutions are presented below.

Problem Set #1.  Perhaps you are an adult who has struggled with poor self-esteem and an inferiority complex since childhood and adolescence. You recalled feeling ashamed because of the acne on your face.  Your ego is bruised easily.  More recently, you have recognized that admiration of the successes of other people, especially spouse and some friends, has transformed to envy, then jealousy, and now anger.  You try to hide the anger but it seeps out as passive aggressiveness. Your children are running amuck and their grades are poor, your spouse has threatened divorce, and your performance evaluation indicates an inability to work well with other team members.  Most importantly, you now recognize the breath and depth by which poor self-esteem has and is structuring almost every aspect of your life.  You are feeling lonely and experiencing a life of quite desperation.  You desperately want a more meaningful and happy life.  On the other hand, you enjoy a favorite sport and building a successful business.

Solution  Set #1.  You should have a mental health checkup by a license mental health specialist.  The Hayden Center self-actualization program containing self-esteem course and other related courses does not provide adequate formal structure and a much needed  commitment for building better mental health.

Problem Set #2.  Perhaps you are a student with better than average intelligence but with a poor academic standing. You realize the importance of high academic standing  to future success. However, you are an outstanding athlete in school football and baseball, involved in various school activities such as theater, hang out with friends,  have a part time job and help your mom around the house.  Your mom is encouraging you to give up sports but is leaving the decision to you.    

 Solution Set #2. Although more expensive, you could work under the guidance of a mentor.  A mentor could help you use your time more efficiently, is almost always available to help with any difficulty, can help with difficult homework assignments.

Problem Set #3.  Perhaps you are a student with a poor academic standing. You realize the importance of learning and high academic standing  to future success, but have often considered yourself not as able to learn as well as other students.  You are very unmotivated to learn,  fear an inability to learn, avoid the learning environment, believe many classmates don’t respect you, often feel angry at the successful students, often cause class disruptions as a method of obtaining recognition. Many teacher have unsuccessfully attempted to help.  All in all, you feel like a failure.   

Solution Set #3.   You are not a failure - far from it. This is a fact that you must  and will learn to believe. Like many students in your situation, you are the product of a bad start in life.  Although more expensive, you could work under the guidance of a mentor. However, enrollment in the self-actualization program is recommended.  

Problem Set #4. Bill and Mary had been sweethearts since their freshman year at a high school located in a small town near Charletsville. After graduation, they both found jobs, married, purchased a home, and decided to postpone  college to raise a family.  Bill found  employment at a local franchise of a major auto parts manufacturing company. His friends were primarily  from high school years. Mary held a partime job as a waitress. Her friendships were new friends whose primary interest was marriage and family.  Bill and Mary were happily married for the first few years.

During their youth and early adulthood, they lived in a region of the country in which many people, including Bill’s friends,  expressed admiration for members of a white nationalist organization.  Bill’s father had been a member of the KKK. Although not a member, Bill sympathized  with the local white nationalist organization and had even attended a public rally in Charlotsville.  Mary had frequently criticized his friends, but now her criticism turned to him. Bills response was that he was certainly not crazy - that many people in this country felt the same way and it was time that Americans stood up for what was right. He argued that the liberals were destroying this country.

Bill’s boss requested a conference and revealed that the FBI had contacted the company to verify Bill’s employment. The  boss stated that he told the FBI that Bill was an excellent employee and that company policy would not tolerate participation in hate groups. After the conference, Bill was quite fearful of potentially losing his job. Mary was even more upset. She called him crazy,  took the children, and moved in with her parents in another city.

A month later, Bill received a letter from Mary’s lawyer stating she was seeking divorce. In a subsequent phone conversation, she said she could not subject the children to his high level of anger and racial prejudice. She was planning to enroll in college.

During the same month, all company employees received a letter reviewing company policy condemning participation in hate group activities.  The letter recommenced that all employees, even those that viewed themselves as mentally healthy, have an annual mental checkup. The company would contribute 75% of the annual checkup costs and 50% of therapy costs for a period of three months.

 Solution Set #4.  The Hayden Center recommends that all adults have an annual mental checkup by a licensed mental health professional. Self-actualization program.

Problem Set #5.  Perhaps you want an awesome life with more meaning but don’t know how to achieve it.  Perhaps, on an increasing number of occasions,  you have been wonderstruck at the recognition that you are part of the fabric of the universe.  Perhaps you have never given much thought to the reality provided by our universe  but wonderstruck ness morphs into astonishment and devotion.  

Solution Set #5.  Personal True-Self Program

Problem Set #6. Consider your first reaction to the following picture.


Your first reaction may be:

  1.   1. “That is a desert-mountain scene.”
  2.   2, “What a beautiful desert-mountain scene!”
  3.   3. “Wow.  What a majestic and inspirational desert-mountain scene!”
  4.   4. “I’m awed and astonished at nature’s creation!  I’m in the presence of something    greater  than myself!”

The picture is generally perceived as a mundane desert-mountain scene. If your first reaction is 1 or 2, then you, like the majority of people, may benefit from this website by becoming a more self-actualized person.  If your first reaction is 3 or 4, then you may benefit from this website by becoming your personal true-self or community true-self.  Regardless of your first reaction, however, participation in a low level Hayden Center educational program may lead to an interest in a higher level educational program. Solution Set #6  Personal True-Self Program or Community True-Self Program.

The Hayden Center provides both a quality learning environment  and multiple educational programs, with a set of related  courses, leading toward various levels of personal growth.  The highest levels of personal growth  are better known as  lifestyle   enrichment programs.  A student may enroll in either a program with money saving benefits or any individual course.

The Hayden Center programs:

Focus on personal growth and lifestyle enrichment

Provide an interactive student/instructor learning environment.
Supports students with physical or mental  learning disabilities
Accepts program or class enrollment at any time
Provides mentorships
Teaches scientific method as applied to knowledge about God, the universe, and  reality
Teaches development of fantastic memorization skills
Teaches critical, epochal, and speculative thinking skills
Teaches  mathematical gymnastics

Teaches methods for development of self-esteem;
Teaches human condition and human needs,

Teaches methods for becoming your true-self

and much more.

All programs and courses offered by the Hayden Center are for personal growth and lifestyle enrichment. The programs and courses have not  sought or plan to seek  accreditation by any local, state, or national governmental authority.  

The courses  provide  1) tutorial services for middle school,  high school, and college  students, 2) short  courses for students of all ages (middle schoolers to adults and seniors) seeking lifestyle expansion and personal growth, and 3) long courses for students of all ages seeking traditional public school systems knowledge.    All courses are structured by student and instructor prior to course startup to satisfy student/instructor scheduling,  meeting location, and level of instruction requirements

Current Lifestyle Programs offered are 1) Self-Reinvention, 2) Self-Actualization, 3) Personal True-Self, and 4) Community True-Self.  Except for Self-Reinvention program,  each program is an amplification of the previous program. Each program consists of pairs  of free brief courses and an associated fee based short course.  The brief courses are presented online and summarize the associated short course. The short courses are presented face-to-face either online or person-to-person.  The brief courses are informative but the short courses provide subject proficiency and mastery.

Each program consists of a set of courses which  transition the student from their initial  state of being, through  a state of becoming, to a final state of being.  The final state of being corresponds to completion of a program objective such as re-inventing their life, or discovering their true-self.  Achievement of this objective is imperative in order  to assure future leadership possesses  a full range of knowledge and understanding capable of  addressing and solving the increasingly complex societal issues already emerging.  .

The Short Courses reflect my personal selection, assessment, and understanding of  the best  sources of knowledge and inspiration presently available.  I apologize in advance for any imperfections of understanding.

Each Short Course  is usually accompanied by a Brief Course.  Each Brief Course is intended to provide a glimpse into the associated Short Course. Thus, the Brief Course content only partially represents the Short Course content.  The Brief Course provides a table of contents that identifies each chapter in the associated Short Course, but does not necessarily provide content for each chapter. As just mentioned, each short course is highly interactive and dialog based.  A certificate of completion, including letter grade, is provided at completion of the short course.  The letter grade is based primarily on the student’s degree of participation sincerity.

The term  “student” refers to any  middle school, high school, college/university, or adult  person.  Each course is tailored in realtime  to the projected needs of each individual student.  The number of course sessions required to complete a given course varies from student to student.  However, the course cost remains the same.

Please review or study the brief courses and  then sign-up for those short courses that will be personally beneficial.