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Hello, I’m Lee Hayden.  Welcome to the Smart Home And Life (SHAL) website’s   Hayden Center For Educational Excellence. You are probably visiting this website or wanting to learn more about the Hayden Center because of a vague or definite desire to experience one or more aspects of your life more satisfactorily.  Perhaps you want to boost your self-esteem, social recognition, general knowledge, leadership skills, or relationship skills. Perhaps you have a growing sense of a need to be more spiritual.  Perhaps you want an awesome life with more meaning but don’t know how to achieve it.  Perhaps, on an increasing number of occasions,  you have been wonderstruck at the recognition that you are part of the fabric of the universe.  Perhaps you have never given much thought to the reality provided by our universe  but wonderstruckness morphs into astonishment and devotion.  

As a starting point, I ask for your first reaction to the following picture.  

Your first reaction may be:

  1.   1. “That is a desert-mountain scene.”
  2.   2, “What a beautiful desert-mountain scene!”
  3.   3. “Wow.  What a majestic and inspirational desert-mountain scene!”
  4.   4. “I’m awed and astonished at nature’s creation!  I’m in the presence of something    greater  than myself!”

The picture is generally perceived as a mundane desert-mountain scene. If your first reaction is 1 or 2, then you, like the majority of people, may benefit from this webste by becoming a more self-actualized person. Please briefly review The Re-invented Self brief course to learn about the various aspects of being a self-actualized person.  If your first reaction is 3 or 4, then you may benefit from this website by becoming your personal true-self or community true-self. Please briefly review the  Abundant Living  brief course to learn about the various aspects of becoming your true-self. Regardless of your first reaction, however, participation in a low level Hayden Center educational program may lead to an interest in a higher level educational program.

The Hayden Center provides both a quality learning environment  and multiple educational programs, with a set of related  courses, leading toward various levels of personal growth.  The highest levels of personal growth  are better known as  lifestyle   enrichment programs.  A student may enroll in either a program with money saving benefits or any individual course.

The Hayden Center programs:

Focus on personal growth and lifestyle enrichment

Provide an interactive student/instructor learning environment.
Supports students with physical or mental  learning disabilities
Accepts program or class enrollment at any time
Provides mentorships
Teaches scientific method as applied to knowledge about God, the universe, and  reality
Teaches development of fantastic memorization skills
Teaches critical, epochal, and speculative thinking skills
Teaches  mathematical gymnastics

Teaches methods for development of self-esteem;
Teaches human condition and human needs,

Teaches methods for becoming your true-self

and much more.

All programs and courses offered by the Hayden Center are for personal growth and lifestyle enrichment. The programs and courses have not  sought or plan to seek  accreditation by any local, state, or national governmental authority.  

The courses  provide  1) tutorial services for middle school,  high school, and college  students, 2) short  courses for students of all ages (middle schoolers to adults and seniors) seeking lifestyle expansion and personal growth, and 3) long courses for students of all ages seeking traditional public school systems knowledge.    All courses are structured by student and instructor prior to course startup to satisfy student/instructor scheduling,  meeting location, and level of instruction requirements

Current Lifestyle Programs offered are 1) Self-Reinvention, 2) Self-Actualization, 3) Personal True-Self, and 4) Community True-Self.  Except for Self-Reinvention program,  each program is an amplification of the previous program. Each program consists of pairs  of free brief courses and an associated fee based short course.  The brief courses are presented online and summarize the associated short course. The short courses are presented face-to-face either online or person-to-person.  The brief courses are informative but the short courses provide subject proficiency and mastery.

Each program consists of a set of courses which  transition the student from their initial  state of being, through  a state of becoming, to a final state of being.  The final state of being corresponds to completion of a program objective such as re-inventing their life, or discovering their true-self.  Achievement of this objective is imperative in order  to assure future leadership possesses  a full range of knowledge and understanding capable of  addressing and solving the increasingly complex societal issues already emerging.  .

The Short Courses reflect my personal selection, assessment, and understanding of  the best  sources of knowledge and inspiration presently available.  I apologize in advance for any imperfections of understanding.

Each Short Course  is usually accompanied by a Brief Course.  Each Brief Course is intended to provide a glimpse into the associated Short Course. Thus, the Brief Course content only partially represents the Short Course content.  The Brief Course provides a table of contents that identifies each chapter in the associated Short Course, but does not necessarily provide content for each chapter. As just mentioned, each short course is highly interactive and dialog based.  A certificate of completion, including letter grade, is provided at completion of the short course.  The letter grade is based primarily on the student’s degree of participation sincerity.

The term  “student” refers to any  middle school, high school, college/university, or adult  person.  Each course is tailored in realtime  to the projected needs of each individual student.  The number of course sessions required to complete a given course varies from student to student.  However, the course cost remains the same.

Please review or study the brief courses and  then sign-up for those short courses that will be personally beneficial.

About Programs And  Courses